The best way to find vacancies in technopark jobs and job vaccancies in trivandrum is to use the portal.

For any job, as a first step, you must prepare a list of available vacancies (according to your skill set and experience). Searching for job sites like Naukri will help you make that list.

Also, check the “Technopark Jobs” website. They also post vacancies in technopark.

The second step is to apply for jobs. You must send your CV to the company’s human resources department. In most cases, when the company announces a vacancy, they will provide you with an email ID to send your resume. Or if it’s a mobile interview, go and attend the interview at the place they mentioned

First register on the portal using the link and search for a job using keywords. You can use the job title or anything related to your preference as a keyword.

Apply to technopark jobs using the portal itself. You can also get a better idea about the companies within the technology park using this portal. You will also receive notifications about various works related to your skills through emails and portal notifications.

If you would like to find more jobs related technopark jobs and job vaccancies in trivandrum, please go throgh the Keralawow Job wanted section and submit your requirment.

Technopark job search, how to apply

OR if you want to search for jobs you can search in the job section at

Technopark job search, how to apply