Kerala having beautifull Wildlife with land of mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and backwaters, has numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The attractive green forests with elephants, tigers, wild dogs, sambars, gaurs, leopards, as well as many foreign species of reptiles, land and water birds from arounf the world offer a wonderful view to tourists. Some of the renowned forest areas such as Silent Valley are located in Kerala.

Kerala, the naturally green state of India, with a large number of greens with thick bushes and green forests, a mild climate and so many natural sources of water, provide the perfect habitat for wildlife growth. Naturally, there are many wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that have been developed to care for and preserve the wide variety of birds and animals in the Kerala Desert. Kerala wildlife sanctuaries are important tourist attractions where people from all over the world come to take a look at some rare species of animals or birds and some incredibly beautiful natural places.

There are walks that can be done along with nature trails and nature walks along the green pastures of the sanctuaries. Visitors can also do wildlife safaris, jeeps or elephants, and observe wild animals in their natural habitats inside the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. There are a lot of wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries in Kerala, which constitute a repertoire of natural wealth for the state.

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