Spices constitute a variety of non-reactive aromatic plant substances used to flavor foods. In ancient times, merchants around the world sailed hundreds of miles to import spices from India and especially from Kerala. Even today, the spices produced in the state are very popular worldwide due to their variety and quality. In addition, they also have medicinal values ​​that are useful in certain diseases.

Kerala is a land of spices. The state’s climate is suitable for a variety of spices. Spices constitute an important group of state agricultural products that are practically inseparable in culinary art. In India, spices are important commercial crossings from the point of view of both domestic consumption and export, and thanks to spice tourism, the spice industry is very good in Kerala.

It is said that all states in India produce at least one spice in their respective region. Kerala, in particular form, produces a large amount of these spices in its green areas of hills. Going through these spices laments, you will feel that the aroma transports you to another world. In addition, amle facilities are available to make you feel comfortable while taking a spice tour in Kerala. Some of the plantations have guest houses to provide accommodation, while in others you can find the owner and his family.