Kerala with its beautiful landscapes has more than enough reasons to celebrate. And the varied culture of the state has given expression to a colorful mosaic of festivals and fairs. The spirit of celebration is an important part of the spirit of the state of Kerala and for visitors to this state, its fairs and festivals are an unforgettable event to be included in your trip.

The festivities, which continue throughout the year, make Kerala more vibrant than any other tourist destination worldwide. Each season marks the beginning of new festivals, each a true celebration of the benefits of nature. These celebrations not only show the harmony between the religions of persecution of the people of the state, but they are also moments of fun and emotion. It is time to clean and decorate houses, meet friends and family and exchange gifts. Therefore, there are sweets, new clothes, dances, music, rituals, prayers, pageantry and processions. In fact, Kerala is a land of fairs and festivities.

Classical and folk music / dance performances, religious festivals, cultural festivals, elephant processions, floral decorations, water carnivals, fireworks display, traditional rituals, fireworks display and many more are part of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage repertoire . Kerala festivals provide the best opportunity to showcase traditional performing arts and delicious local cuisine.