Kerala cuisine is famous for its delicious recipes and authentic Malayali dishes. Kerala’s food is spicy and delicious. Kerala has its own variety cuisine using locally available ingredients. Seafood is popular with Malayalees. The evolution of the culinary style of Kerala dates back to society, culture, history and topography of the state.

Local Kerala food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, includes a large amount of coconut, as it is grown in abundance in coastal areas. Grated coconut is included in virtually all dishes. Coconut milk is used to make sauces and gives the kitchen a sweet touch. The oil used for cooking is also mainly coconut or vegetable oil. The red rice variety (Kuththari) that grows well in this fertile soil is the staple food.

The average Malayali is very liberal in its use of spices. The most commonly used spices are green chili peppers, cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and dried red chili peppers. Fresh coriander leaves provide a subtle but irresistible flavor. Steamed food is commonly used in Kerala. Great emphasis is placed on healthy cooking.

Kerala’s vegetarian cuisine has a mild flavor, is gently cooked and is light to the stomach. Malayalee’s non-vegetarian foods are spicy and delicious. Marine foods such as fish, crabs, shellfish and lobsters are included in the daily kitchen, especially in the coastal regions. The smallest varieties of fish are dried, salted and pickled. They may or may not be fried before consumption. Sardines and mackerel are the fish of every day.