Vedic astrology is a noble science of the Vedas era. This was founded, researched and developed by the Maharishis of the Vedic era. Among them, Aryabhatta, Maharishi Parashara, Varaha Mihira, Garga and Kalidasa are known for their contributions. The origin of this science can be traced back up to 4000 years.

Vedic astrology calculates only 8 planets, namely the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and two gloomy planets, Rahu (the dragon’s head) and Kethu (the dragon’s tail). The Indian school of Vedic astrology recognizes 27 constellations from Aswini to Revathy. The planets move under 12 zodiac signs that cover the entire sky, from Aries to Pisces. In various parts of the country, astrologers have their own methods to derive astrological solutions.

The Kerala delineation method of horoscopes is highly valued for predictive accuracy. Kerala had made a significant gift in the field of Vedic astrology by contributing to “Prasna Marg,” considered the Bible of Horaria and Aryabhatiya astrology by AryaBhatta, the fourth-century astrologer. This book is known for its accuracy. Kerala astrology is also famous for its contribution in the field of Vasthu Vidya or the principles of building construction, known as Vasthu Sasthra.