Kerala is a paradise for lovers of dance, drama, music and festivals. We have dozens of art forms, which are quite unique in Kerala nature, such as Kathakali, Ottamthullal, Chakyar Koothu, Krishnanattam, Koodiyattam, Padayani, Kalaripayattu, Pavakathakali, Theyyam, Velakali, Thiruvathirakali, Kolkali, etc. These art forms help one to experience a range of varied emotions ranging from passion, love, kindness, compassion to joy, joy, sadness, pain and anger, wonder, horror to fear, courage, courage etc.

Kerala is home to an incredibly unique variety of art forms that have impacted the social and cultural life of the state, adding to its typical character. Kathakali is the most popular art form in which the whole body is used to portray a story. In Kathakali, artists wear elaborate costumes, ornaments and facial makeup.Mohiniyattam, the enchantress dance highlights feminine grace. While Kalaripayattu is an incredible martial art that is said to be the creator of karate, judo and kungfu.

Kerala is also clearly famous for its other art forms such as music and poetry, as well as for its artisanal forms, which include murals, sculptures and architecture. The rich and vibrant culture of Kerala has continued to intrigue people around the world. The traditional classical and folk songs and dances of the people, their ballads, their rituals and their intellectual activities form the true treasures of Kerala that contribute to their rich cultural heritage.

Kerala’s art forms reflect the life and perspective of its people. Be it the famous Kathakali, considered as the complete art form, since it synthesizes all the best in the fields of drama, music and dance, or folk dances that are reflections of the rhythmic impulses of a sensitive group of people, The Kerala’s Treasure House is a party for travelers and art lovers from around the world.