The known facts about the Mammootty birthday boy you should know

Mammootty turns a year older today and we couldn’t help but go back in time and give you guys a sneak peak into things you might not know about your favorite, Mammukka. Read for more details.

Happy Birthday Mammootty

1) Mammootty is not his real name

His real name is Muhammad Kutty Paniparambil Ismail and Mammootty is his stage name. Well, it worked wonders for him and it is not the first time that an actor decides to leave his mark in the industry with a different artistic name.

2) Mammukka has worked on more than 390 movies.

Mammootty has worked on approximately more than 390 films, of which 365 are Malayalam, 15 are Tamils, 5 are in Hindi, 3 in Telugu, 1 in Kannada and English. Now that is definitely a hard record to beat, don’t you think?

3) He is three times winner of the National Award.

He is one of the only actors in Malayalam who has won a National Prize three times. He won his first National award in 1989 in the category of Best Actor for Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha and Mathilukal. He won his second prize in 1994 in the same category for Vidheyan and Ponthan Mada. His third was in 1999 for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

4) The actor fought for more than 10 years before delivering a success.

Mammootty’s claim to fame was New Delhi, after which almost all of his films became super hits. Until then, the actor struggled to be as popular and a good actor as he is today.

5) He Likes the number 369

The actor loves the number 369 so much that almost all his cars have the same number. No, there is no superstitious reason behind this. During his early days, he had bought a briefcase with lock code 369 and was fascinated by the fact that the three multiples of the number 3.

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