One of the questions that travelers usually ask Kerala is about the best time to visit Kerala. Kerala has three tourist stations. The high season that varies from September to March, Low season in Kerala, which is from April to May and Monsoon season from June to August. Each season in Kerala is unique, making it an ideal destination for tourists who come to different types of travel experiences at each of these stations and the best time to visit Kerala varies depending on why you are visiting Kerala.

Kerala has been blessed with a pleasant and pleasant climate throughout the year in all seasons and months. The high season in Kerala from September to March is the best season to visit Kerala during the holidays. In these months the weather is warm and comfortable, but not hot. The summer season, from March to May, is hot but not humid since it is close to the tropics. The monsoon season between June and August is the best time to visit Kerala to receive Ayurveda treatments. The humid and cold weather in the monsoon climate is ideal and the best time to visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programs.

Best time to visit Kerala – Weather and Climate.

There are three different stations in Kerala and all these stations are suitable to visit depending on why you are visiting Kerala:

High season from September to March, when the weather is cool and comfortable and the best time to visit during a holiday in Kerala

Off-season in Kerala, which is the hot and humid summer season from April to May.

The monsoon season from June to August suitable for Ayurveda with intermittent rains

Kerala is actually a very rainy state, which certainly contributes to its lush vegetation. Rain is commonly received during nine months of the year there and the monsoons in Kerala begin from June.